Prise Limited owns a farm in Nakuru. The company farm is professionally run by agriculturalists with specialization in intensive and extensive dairy and beef production systems, food science and technology, coupled with exceptional entrepreneurial skills. We strive to be a leading agri-business development and consultancy company promoting sustainable agri-businesses and to improve the livelihood of the community.

Our Nakuru farm agricultural products includes:

  • Milk, yogurt and other dairy products
  • Quality dairy and beef heifers and bulls
  • Poultry products including day old chicks, meat, eggs
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Forages and hay
  • Basic seed such as maize, beans and sunflower
  • Banana and plantain
  • Seeds and seedlings

Prise Limited is committed to supporting farmers by re-shaping and strengthening various services to support the Kenya agricultural sector to be more productive, competitive and sustainable.  Our specialists are well equipped to guide farmers in the following areas:

Greenhouses design and installations

•    Greenhouse horticulture project design and management
•    Staff capacity building , recruitment and support
•    Greenhouse construction and maintenance
•    Nursery and seedling management
•    Field horticultural production and training
•    Commercial farm enterprise set-up and organization
•    Technical and advisory services

Irrigation systems design and installations

•    Needs assessment
•    Site inspection, survey and water mapping
•    Project design, implementation and installation
•    Staff training on use
•    Project maintenance

Borehole and Related Services

•    Hydrogeological surveys
•    Borehole drilling
•    Borehole cleaning & rehabilitation
•    Borehole equipping
•    Test pumping
•    Water storage tanks
•    Solar water pumping systems

Water harvesting, water reservoirs, Dam design and installations

•    Needs assessment
•    Field inspection and survey.
•    Project design and implementation
•    Excavation and construction works
•    Plumbing and crest/bank work

Our bee husbandry services include:

  • Processing honey for sale
  • Fabricates beehives for sale
  • Training farmers on modern apiary technology


  • Sale of farm equipment and machinery
  • Sale of spare parts
  • Farm equipment and machinery for hire

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